Since New Taipei City is located at 122°E and 25°N, and 2016 International Children’s Games in New Taipei City will be the Fiftieth Edition, we rearrange these element figures to composite our logo for 2016 International Children’s Games. The logo indicates a sprinter, an athletic sportsman, which symbolizes aggressive and energetic.


“Be strong, be friends”will be our slogan.
We expect anyone who participates the Games is both strong as steel and possess resolute character inside. The Olympic spirit peace and friendship will be activated in the practice of integrity and in the discovery of humanity.


新北市地理位置在東經122度,北緯25度,而2016年ICG是第50屆賽會,將這些關鍵數字重新組合,設計出一個正在運動的「跑者」圖象,從這些意象融合出2016ICG賽會LOGO,向世界宣傳第50屆國際少年運動會在新北市。SLOGAN部份定調為「BE STRONG, BE FRIENDS」,其意涵為健壯是運動員的形象,競賽是運動會的形式,運動會真正的內涵是要在競技中發揮運動家的精神與發現友情的可貴。