Dear 2016 ICG participants,

Thank you very much for engaging in the 50 hosted in New Taipei City, Taiwan.


In a move to help young athletes get to know more about Taiwan’s customs and its sights and sounds, New Taipei City is launching a special project “One School for One City Delegation”. We have invite students from our local high schools and vocational schools to serve as student ambassadors for their assigned city delegation, to acknowledge the “Be Strong, Be Friends” spirit of 2016 Summer ICG.


This special project is led by five local high schools, which include Sanmin High School, Qinshui High School, Zhuwei High School, Zhonghe High School and Linkou High School. There are 77 student teams have joined in. Welcome all the young athletes around the world come and visit their partner schools facebook.




2016 ICG Organizing Committee




 歡迎您蒞臨新北市參與第50屆的國際少年運動會,為了讓來新北市參加比賽的少年選手們能夠更融入臺灣生活,大會規劃了有別與以往的接待服務 ­「一校一城市的學伴接待計畫」。


 我們邀請新北市的高中職學生擔任本次賽會的接待大使(學伴),以一個學校接待一個城市代表隊的方式,期望使2016國際少年運動會精神「Be Strong, BeFriends」深植於所有少年選手的心中。






2016 ICG 籌備處